Les Banks

APC Academy have been assisting our candidates through the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence process for over five years. David Cohen’s forensic knowledge of the RICS expectations and requirements has been invaluable in helping our graduates to understand what is required of them in terms of their formal submissions as well as preparation for their final interview.

We would highly recommend APC Academy to any organisation considering the appointment of specialist support in this critical aspect of their employees training and professional development.

Les Banks, Partner
Thomas & Adamson

Preston Gan

In preparation to sit my final assessment interview undertaking the FM Pathway, I contacted APC Academy to conduct a series of mock interviews. I was initially anxious as I was looking specifically for an FM assessor but realised that there is a shortage of FM assessors across Scotland. APC Academy however, was helpful in giving me the assurance that they have the expertise to ensure that I receive appropriate feedback regardless of my pathway. 

During the mock interview session, APC Academy structured the simulation process, critiqued and reviewed my presentation and competencies remaining professional at all times without being rude or demeaning. I felt I was ready for the actual interview and it has helped me in becoming Chartered as a result.

Preston Gan MRICS
Facilities Manager, NHS Grampian

John Rigby

Excellent service. Susan was friendly and approachable, providing invaluable knowledge that was essential to my final assessment preparation. Would recommend to anyone! 

John Rigby MRICS
Building Control

Neil Malloy

APC Academy enhanced my documentation because of the excellent feed back I received prior to submission. David provided structured advice on my Critical Analysis and overall templates, which ensured I would be giving the assessors a great first impression.

My main concern throughout the whole process was how I would do in my presentation and what possible questions I would be asked during the final interview. APC Academy created the final assessment experience through their mock interviews, allowing me to go in to the final interview confident and relaxed. I was given meaningful advice on my presentation and being able to run through it in these conditions really increased my fluidity and confidence.

David was always contactable so any problems would be answered by email, telephone or even a coffee. I would recommend APC Academy to any candidates approaching final assessment.

Neil Malloy MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, Interserve Construction Limited

Stephanie Pang

During my APC training period, David Cohen of APC Academy has provided excellent and beneficial advises, from the RICS final submission, through to the Critical Analysis and the final presentation. I found the mock interviews very beneficial as David and other assessors have provided valuable feedbacks which assist my preparation for the final day. Thanks again David for your support which helps me in passing my APC the first time!

Stephanie Pang MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, Thomas & Adamson

Colin Campbell

I was referred to APC Academy by a colleague in order to have my Critical Analysis and submission documentation reviewed. The advice and support I received was invaluable as David not only provided feedback on what I had written but also suggestions on improving the content, therefore I knew what I was submitting was of the highest quality. I would happily recommend APC Academy to anyone due to sit their APC.

Colin Campbell, MRICS
Commercial Property Consultant, Jones Lang LaSalle

Gerard Malrooney

APC Academy should be the first stop for those who are serious about obtaining chartered status at their first attempt. My company employed David's services early on in the APC process. David's first-hand knowledge, experience and overall approach was of great benefit and his comments and guidance on my competencies, critical analysis and presentation were always structured and geared towards the end result. David also provided mock interviews which were an excellent precursor to the final interview. David's advice and attitude was a major factor in earning my MRICS status and I would highly recommend APC Academy to anyone who is considering becoming a Chartered Surveyor.

Gerard Malrooney, MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, Thomas & Adamson

Rachel Moan

I found that the majority of training services seem to concentrate on specific pathways e.g commercial, valuation, building surveying and I was very grateful that APC Academy could provide support for the 'lesser taken' per se routes e.g MC.

The response time was very quick, enabling feedback and subsequent redrafts to fit in with my revision plan i.e for CA feedback. The practical experience of presentation and interview practice was great preparation, using Skype, and gave a flavour of the real scenario and the atmosphere and format of the 'real' interview, in addition to practice questions.

Rachel Moan BA (Hons) MSc MRICS
Management Consultant, Cheshire East Council

James Halligan

The professional support and advice provided by the APC Academy made an invaluable contribution towards ensuring that I passed my APC examination first time. The APC Academy's review of my Critical Analysis and final submission documents ensured that my submission reflected the criteria set out by the RICS. The mock interviews really helped to prepare me for the big day and gave me the confidence I needed going into my Final Assessment interview.

James Halligan BSc (Hons) MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, RJ MacLeod

Sebastian Findlay

I used the APC Academy to review and critique my Critical Analysis and submission documentation. I found that David's support and clear guidance was extremely useful and provided me with better understanding as to how the documentation should be written and presented.

Sebastian Findlay MRICS
Investment Agent, CKD Galbraith LLP

Paraic Mannion

The support and critique provided by David was essential in preparing for and passing the APC final interview first time. Through several meetings and concise documentation review David provided excellent guidance on my final submission documentation. We also undertook final interview preparation which again proved invaluable in being prepared for the final interview. Without hesitation I would strongly recommend that APC candidates and their employers utilize the service provided by the APC Academy to afford candidates every opportunity of qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor.

Paraic Mannion, MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, CA Blackwell (Contracts) Ltd

Neil Lyus

The APC Academy was able to complement the in-house support given by my employer in my preparation to sit the APC. In particular the Academy were able to lead and facilitate mock Interviews which were very beneficial.

Neil Lyus MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, Thomas & Adamson

Li Li Lim

I was not confident on my presentation before the APC exam. With the recommendation from RICS Matrix, I got in touch with David Cohen. Took his advice and applied this to my APC exam preparation. The feedback was very valuable – I am pleased to have met David and other assessors. Thank you very much.

Quantity Surveyor, Davis Langdon

Kenny Fleming

APC Academy provided me with excellent preparation for my final assessment. I was helped by ensuring that my submission document and Critical Analysis were of the required standard and that I was ready and had sufficient experience for the final assessment. I found the mock interview particularly beneficial in preparing for the final assessment both in terms of familiarizing myself with the structure of the interview and getting used to answering questions from the assessors.

Kenny Fleming MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, Ewing Somerville

Glenn Masterton

Having decided to gain my chartership I wanted some advice and mentoring to focus and sense check my APC application and submissions as well as preparing me for interview. I found the professionalism and expertise of APC Academy and David Cohen excellent. By holding regular reviews with APC Academy I was able to clearly focus my attention on the quality of my submission including my critical analysis. Undertaking mock interviews proved invaluable in preparations for my final interview. I understood what to expect and was much more relaxed resulting in my qualification. I could not recommend APC Academy and David Cohen highly enough.

Glenn Masterton MRICS
Project Manager, Stockland

Triona Tiernan

I obtained the services of the APC Academy from January to May 2012. During this time I was able to work closely with their Director David Cohen who gave me structured guidance and invaluable advice on how my submission documentation and presentation could be developed and improved upon. He also carried out a number of mock interviews with me which proved extremely useful in preparing me for my final exam. I always found David very helpful and approachable and he was never too far away when a question came to mind that I was unsure about! Overall I would say that the APC Academy contributed immensely to me successfully passing the APC on my 1st attempt and I would highly recommend their services to any other candidates who are fast approaching their Final Assessment stage.

Triona Tiernan MRICS
Quantity Surveyor, Morgan Munro Ltd

Chris Collins

The advice and support provided by David Cohen at APC Academy was invaluable in helping me achieve Chartered Surveyor status.  I was struggling to find the support I required as my employer had little if any experience of supporting candidates through the APC process.  David’s depth of professional experience and the various roles he carries out with the RICS mean that he can offer the most up to date and precise insight in to the requirements and standards that candidates must fulfil across all aspects of the APC process.  I would highly recommend APC Academy’s services to any APC candidate regardless of the pathway they are taking or the stage they have reached in the process.

Chris Collins MRICS
Development Surveyor, London & Scottish Developments

Charmaine O’Donnell

APC Academy  gave structured advice and constructive comments on my APC submission which proved invaluable. They were available for general questions and gave constant support throughout a process that is indeed challenging. We met for a mock interview where I could practice my presentation and answer questions that had been prepared. By having a mentor like this, it gave me confidence going into the interview that I had prepared as much as I could have and helped settle my nerves. I would recommend to anyone going through this process to speak to David and start preparing as early as possible.

Charmaine O’Donnell MRICS
Renewables Planner, RES Limited